Close Proximity Pyrotechnics



Your basketball team has just won their game against a competitive rival during a homecoming venue – the crowd is ecstatic – but wait – colored comets matching your team colors arch over the goals illuminating the arena, then the flashes and crack reports from a series of canon simulators can be felt throughout the bleachers – finally, the bursts of confetti streamer mines shower all in attendance with a final celebration – the crowd is now over the edge!

As a special events coordinator, you have just created a very traditional but memorable climax, and the perfect finish to your venue. The newspapers and medias will commemorate your pyro finish, program attendance will increase when you promote fireworks with your next event, and your boss will probably give you a raise.

The widespread usage of indoor pyrotechnics in every sector of the entertainment and sporting industries have only magnified the need to create more complex and “larger than life” special effects. The armed forces have used various forms of proximal pyrotechnics during their drill exercises simulating actual combat. Many planners of venues in confining and indoor areas including wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate and club celebrations, civic and public gatherings, ribbon cutting ceremonies, fraternal orders, and private functions rely on the use of indoor pyrotechnics as a safe and dazzling crowd pleaser.

The pyrotechnicians of Premier Pyrotechnics, Inc. have worked closely with several major organizations and sponsors utilizing indoor pyrotechnics with their venues. Due to the nature and restrictive confines often associated with indoor pyrotechnics, our pyrotechnicians take great care in conducting thorough site surveys, assist in preparing detailed show scripting with multiple pyrotechnic effects, and work closely with all program personnel and governing agencies. In many cases, we conduct an approved product demo allowing the sponsor and their events coordinator to experience a pre show pyro rehearsal.

Some of the organizations and events that utilized our indoor pyrotechnic services include:

  • Harrah’s Casino – North Kansas City, MO
  • 60th Anniversary – National Field Archery Association, Tulsa, OK
  • Gymnastics World Team Trails – Kansas City, MO
  • First Night 2000 – Columbia, Missouri
  • Enforce 21 – Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
  • Kansas City Attack – NPSL
  • Kansas City Blades – IHL

Our staff also has excellent in-house production technicians with extensive experience in lighting, sound, staging, and music programming to assist you in coordinating your indoor pyrotechnic production. Please call for details.