Premier Electronic Firing Systems


Control Panels
premier pyro firing panelOur control panels are designed with the pyrotechnician in mind. Ease of operation, coupled with the highest regard for safety, is built into every panel. All panels feature a solid state On/Off switch, as well as a Test/Fire switch. When the panel is in test mode the Green Test light is lit. As the operator touches the firing probe to each contact, a tone is heard, alerting the operator, of a continuity presence on that cue. When the operator switches the panel into the Fire Mode, the Red Fire light is lit. In fire mode, when the operator touches the probe to the contact, the device on that cue is fired. Other than the On/Off and Test/Fire switches, which are rated at 10,000 activations, there are no knobs or switches to fail. This results in outstanding pyrotechnic performances, high reliability and ease of operation. Panels are available in 100, 200, 300 and 400 cue models and all come in hardwood carrying cases.

Rails & Modules
Rails and Modules are both termination points in the firing system and entrance points for the electronic match. Both feature high quality, spring activated connectors, with 50 cues per unit. The primary difference is that rails are designed to be attached to racks or sandboxes, while modules are designed to be used for fronts. Rails come standard in 20, 30 and 40-foot lengths (10 foot connected folding sections) and do not come with a piggy-tail through connector unless requested. Modules are designed for expanding frontage, therefore come standard with a through piggy-tail connector. This allows the user to place 50 identical cues in many frontage locations allowing for simultaneous firing with the touch of one cue. Below are listed the standard configurations for Rails and Modules. Custom patterns are available and encouraged.

Cables & Extras
One cable is required for each rail or module you wish to connect to the control panel. Additionally, for each module you piggy-tail out you will need one cable. You can purchase 12-volt batteries locally. We suggest a minimum of 12 volts and a maximum of 24. If you have any customization ideas feel free to call and we will try to accommodate your request.